Sunday, March 15

YOU aren't ALONE

Recently, I have been reading few blogs of my friends. They keep saying that they are lonely.. Well, actually I think life is fun as you know how to make it better. You feel lonely maybe when you are alone and start to think that this world is treating you unfair, you feel like nobody understands you, you cannot find your true love, no best friends. Honestly says, I used to think so too but after I experienced all things I found out that world is quite amazing and it treats every one fairly. Let's think... Some people they maybe rich, good looking, intelligent, smart, whatever nice things you saw, but you dunno deep inside the negative things happened to them. I'm quite satisfy with my life right now, I'm not that good looking, I'm not bloody hell rich, do not have brain with 180 IQ but I know I have the worlds most excellent parents, they are my gods, my everything. Love that they give is unlimited, powerful and absolutely enormous!! They work from day to night without any complains, they sacrifice everything without hesitate, they loves me more than whatever. That's what I called I'm not lonely and more over I have my best friends. Not only lover can satisfy what you want, I think it was just a moment of lonely, just like flash. I'm Pisces, I'm very very sensitive how people look at me, judge me that makes me lack of self confidence. And when I think of that, I called it "nobody understands me". LOL... Actually, you no need people to understand you, you need to understand yourself, of what you want. While you lying on the bed, give a few minutes of thought, think deeply, use your heart, feel everything and start to ask your self with questions.

What I really want?
Do I really have to care so much how I present in front of crowd?

Life is short, onother hand, it's damned long. Try to see things with various angles. There's will be a better tomorrow for you present and past. So, don't be lonely, you have what you have. It's a blessed from you. You are your god, you create your life journey. You own your body and soul. You make life as exciting as you want. Don't waste time, don't turn back.

-Life is what you make-

Saturday, March 14

Craziest Birthday Present

This is my present for my birthday (2009, 13th March)

Iwas so happy that night, my friends brought me to Bar Celona and a friend of mine was actually paid for my drinks which supposed I have to pay, but she insisted. I
just down with few glassess of JD n Vodka then I was wasted. Dunno why that night I got drunk so fast... LOL... Also, this Sat I'll be doing a pool-side party near my house here. So fun oo.. so pity, few of friends won't be able to attend coz they have something on. Uhh!! Tell you what.. but don't laugh ok?? That night when I was drunk, I was "hell ya" poo in the Bar Celona's toilet and I did not flush.. Hahahaha.... and I fell from sofa when I was dancing on the top and fell few times and slept on the road :D