Saturday, March 14

Craziest Birthday Present

This is my present for my birthday (2009, 13th March)

Iwas so happy that night, my friends brought me to Bar Celona and a friend of mine was actually paid for my drinks which supposed I have to pay, but she insisted. I
just down with few glassess of JD n Vodka then I was wasted. Dunno why that night I got drunk so fast... LOL... Also, this Sat I'll be doing a pool-side party near my house here. So fun oo.. so pity, few of friends won't be able to attend coz they have something on. Uhh!! Tell you what.. but don't laugh ok?? That night when I was drunk, I was "hell ya" poo in the Bar Celona's toilet and I did not flush.. Hahahaha.... and I fell from sofa when I was dancing on the top and fell few times and slept on the road :D


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Luckily your friends are there when you "fall-asleep" ;p

Fin said...

hahaha... yeah lohh!! err.. and when i was drunk i still aware to take care of my phone and wallet... great isn it

princeshetaki said...

happy birthday fin.. may god bless u k. wink!!